Medicarn Body Slimmer

Body Slimmer


Compact home exercise with remote control

Improves Fitness, Weight loss, Decompresses the spine, Stimulates blood flow, relieves back pain, Anti ageing, Reduces stress, Increases your Strength & Works on most parts of the body.

Please do not mistake this for cheaper models, we buy factory direct so that we can pass massive savings on to you.

Please be aware of cheaper models on the UK market as some are made by chinese factories that use cheap recycled plastics and low quality motors. Our slim body vibration machine is guaranteed high quality (low noise & more vibrations per minute) with only the best components used. We could Manufacture this model cheaper but we believe in keeping the quality high to gain repeat custom. We have recomendations from a top surgeon, Management companies that supply reatil outlets at treble this price. We also have direct recommendations from slimming clubs which advise their clients to use our machines to help lose weight fast. One recent customer lost 11 lbs in just a week!

Key Specifacations

  • Remote control
  • Input voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ
  • Power: 1.5HP
  • Speed range: 20 levels
  • Maximum speed: 2500rpm
  • User weight capability: 150kg
  • Multi functional LED screen, displaying time, speed and program 1,2,3
  • Shakes the body and keeps every part in movement, and then burns up the fat
  • Improves blood circulation and increases muscles and skin
  • The elegent compact design means it's not only easy to store away but also portable, meaning you never have to be without it

Due to the desgn it also has further advantages over it's larger model the crazy fit. It's ideal for home use and no assembly is required. simply take it out of the box, plug it in & your ready to go

The SSP of this amazing Body Slimmer is 899 but as the Sole distributor of medicarn products selling direct only we can offer the Medicarn body slimmer to you for the astounding discounted price of 199

Buy now for only 199 - Direct!

Product Efficiency

Reduces Weight

The aerobic massage produced by vibrations can effectively reduce surplus fat and water retention

Improves Blood Circulation

As age increases blood vessels diameter is reduced, because of cholesterol, fat, and other harmful sedimentations. This fact can lead to anoxemina, dizziness, hypertension, coronary heart diseases, thrombosis and other diseases. The vibrations produced by the machine can accelerate blood flowing and bring further benefits to the body.

Accelerates Stomach & Bowel Peristalsis

The massage can stimulate acupuncture points of human body and accelerate the peristalsis of stomach and bowel, radically improve condition of constipation, purify the body from toxins.

Adjust the Nervous System

Can Increase the conductance of the nervous system & improve condition of sleeplessness and neurasthenia.

Body Building & Immunity System

Can improve local blood circulation, relieve pains of arthrosis and muscle, can be an effective remedy against muscular strain & Fatigue, can also have a relaxing effect & improve strengh and health, builds the body and helps to improve immunity with regular use.